Monday, 23 November 2009

Dream Solver: The Preview

A thought from the Artist before you go looking!

Its been a while since we promised a preview of the Dream Solver Novel, I've taken my sweet time with this little set, as you will find when you come to read the rest of the novel this particular scene is a very significant one. we begin with our protagonist deep within the calm state of sleep, as most of you will know from your own dreams, this calm exterior of the sleeper can often hold a troubled mind with dreams hard to tame, things may not make sense and no matter how you may try you dont always get the ending you want. this often leaves us questioning what the hell do they mean?........

As an artist and as my first break into comics i want to get this work right, give Justice and 2D flesh to Lukes imaginarium. So appologies for the lateness and any other lateness that may and probably will occur from here on in. but this stuff will be done right! This is going to be one hell of a ride with this book, when i was given the script i couldnt put it down and still find it hard to leave alone when i re-read for ideas for me its the sign of a damn fine story if ever i did get one!
anyway enough from me. go have a gander! there will be more on that horizon!